The Garden in My Soul

My garden is inside of me
A place where flowers bloom
And herbs fill the air with sweet scent

Surrounded by stone pillars
Supporting rounded arches
Held stable by the foundation within

A cloister in my soul
Place of serenity and peace
Godly haven and home

Where sun shines brightly
When seas are stormy
The anchor within comforts

Colors of nature abound
Green, yellow, pink and violet
Leaving no patch of land void

Inviting Adirondack
Calls me to tranquil slumber
Under the old, protective, shady oak

Sweet, lush, ripe fruit
Apricots, plums, and cherries
Freshly picked from the tree of life

Blissful, light and airy
White wings of an angel
Such is the garden within my soul.



Ce poème est dédicacé à mes chers amis rencontrés chez Balthazar, avec tous mes remerciements

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