A few weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine posed a question that intrigued me greatly.  The question was:  Is astrological sign a potential gauge of future greatness?  Being scientifically minded and suddenly enthusiastic to know the answer to this question, I began a statistical/astrological study of the most influential men in history.

Before I present my list of these men, it bears mentioning that many great and influential thinkers in history do not make my list, simply because I could not find valid sources of birth date and birth place information.  For example, I think it cannot be denied that the three men who most significantly changed the course of history are Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha.  If we base their birthdays not on legends and myths, but on historical writings and documents, it is strongly believed that Jesus was actually a Pisces, whereas both Mohammed and Buddha are thought to be Taurus. However, because their birthdates can not be confirmed with great precision, I choose not to put them on my list of greatest and most influential men in history. The same goes for great thinkers, writers and philosophers like Confucius, Plato, Socrates, and Shakespeare to name but a few.  Sorry guys!

With these clarifications in mind, I set out to create a list (see chart below) of 100 men who changed the course of history, through science, music, politics, philosophy, war, peace, etcetera. This list contains “the good”, “the bad”, the wealthy, and the poor, but one thing cannot be denied, all these men contributed in some way to change the world as we know it.   For birthdates and astrological information, I used the website astrotheme.com and cross-referenced the birthdates with those cited in Wikipedia for each man.  After all, I am endeavoring to perform a serious study on the matter at hand.

Name Birthday (m/d/yr) Sun Moon
Adams, John 10/30/1735 Scorpio Aries
al-Gaddafi, Muammar 6/7/1942 Gemini Aries
Armstrong, Neil 8/5/1930 Leo Sagittarius
Aurelius, Marcus 4/26/121 Taurus Capricorn
Bach, Johan 3/31/1685 Aries Aquarius
Berners-Lee, Tim 6/8/1955 Gemini Capricorn
Bin Laden, Osama 3/10/1957 Pisces Cancer
Bonaparte, Napoleon  8/15/1769 Leo Capricorn
Caesar, Julius 7/12/-101 Cancer Capricorn
Calvin, John 7/10/1509 Cancer Taurus
Chi Minh, Ho 5/19/1890 Taurus Taurus
Churchill, Winston 11/30/1874 Sagittarius Leo
Clinton, Bill 8/19/1946 Leo Taurus
Copernicus, Nicolaus 2/19/1473 Pisces Sagittarius
Cromwell, Oliver 4/25/1599 Taurus Taurus
Custer, George A. 12/5/1839 Sagittarius Sagittarius
da Vinci, Leonardo 4/15/1452 Taurus Pisces
Darwin, Charles 2/12/1809 Aquarius Capricorn
de Broglie, Louis 8/15/1892 Leo Taurus
de Gaulle, Charles 11/22/1890 Scorpio Aries
Den Xiaoping, Den 8/22/1904 Leo Capricorn
Descartes, Rene 3/31/1596 Aries Taurus
Edison, Thomas 2/11/1847 Aquarius Sagittarius
Einstein, Albert 3/14/1879 Pisces Sagittarius
Faraday, Michael 9/22/1791 Virgo Cancer
Fleming, Alexander 6/6/1881 Leo Sagittarius
Ford, Henry 7/30/1863 Leo Aquarius
Franklin, Benjamin 1/17/1706 Capricorn Pisces
Freud, Sigmund 5/6/1856 Taurus Gemini
Gagarin, Yuri 3/9/1934 Pisces Sagittarius
Galilei, Galileo 2/15/1564 Pisces Aries
Gates, Bill 10/28/1955 Scorpio Aries
Gandhi, Mahatma 10/2/1869 Libra Leo
Gorbachev, Mikhail 3/2/1931 Pisces Leo
Graham Bell, Alexander 3/3/1847 Pisces Virgo
Grant, Ulysses S. 4/27/1822 Taurus Cancer
Hamilton, Alexander 1/11/1755 Capricorn Virgo
Handel, George F. 3/5/1685 Pisces Pisces
Hearst, William 4/29/1863 Taurus Virgo
Heisenberg, Werner 12/5/1901 Sagittarius Libra
Henry VIII of England 6/28/1491 Cancer Aries
Hitler, Adolph 4/20/1889 Taurus Capricorn
Hooke, Robert 7/18/1635 Cancer Virgo
Hughes, Howard  12/24/1905 Capricorn Sagittarius
Hussein, Saddam 4/28/1937 Taurus Sagittarius
Jefferson, Thomas 4/13/1743 Aries Sagittarius
Jobs, Steve 2/24/1955 Pisces Aries
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald 5/29/1917 Gemini Virgo
Kepler, Johannes 12/27/1571 Capricorn Gemini
Lavoisier, Antoine 8/26/1743 Virgo Scorpio
Lee, Robert E. 1/19/1807 Capricorn Gemini
Lenin, Vladimir 4/22/1870 Taurus Aquarius
Lincoln, Abraham 2/12/1809 Aquarius Capricorn
Locke, John 8/29/1632 Virgo Pisces
Louis XIV (The Sun King)  9/5/1638 Virgo Leo
Louis XVI 8/23/1754 Leo Scorpio
Luther King Jr., Martin 1/15/1929 Capricorn Pisces
Luther, Martin 11/10/1483 Scorpio Aries
Machiavelli, Niccolò 5/3/1469 Taurus Aquarius
Mandela, Nelson 7/18/1918 Cancer Scorpio
Marx, Karl 5/5/1818 Taurus Taurus
Maxwell, James Clerk 6/13/1831 Gemini Leo
Mendel, Gregor 7/20/1822 Cancer Leo
Michelangelo 3/6/1475 Pisces Pisces
Mozart, Wolfgang 1/27/1756 Aquarius Sagittarius
Mussolini, Benito 7/29/1883 Leo Gemini
Newton, Isaac 12/25/1642 Capricorn Cancer
Nobel, Alfred 10/21/1833 Libra Aquarius
Pascal, Blaise  6/19/1623 Gemini Pisces
Pasteur, Louis 12/27/1822 Capricorn Gemini
Pauling, Linus 2/28/1901 Pisces Cancer
Planck, Max 4/23/1858 Taurus Virgo
Pope Clement VII 5/26/1478 Gemini Aries
Pope Innocent X 5/6/1574 Taurus Sagittarius
Pope John Paul II 5/18/1920 Taurus Gemini
Pope Julius II 12/5/1443 Sagittarius Taurus
Pope Leo X 12/11/1475 Sagittarius Gemini
Pope Pius VII 8/14/1742 Leo Capricorn
Reagan, Ronald 2/6/1911 Aquarius Taurus
Rockefeller, John D. 7/8/1839 Cancer Gemini
Roosevelt, Franklin D. 1/30/1882 Aquarius Cancer
Smith, Adam 6/16/1723 Gemini Scorpio
Stalin, Joseph 12/18/1878 Sagittarius Libra
Tesla, Nikola 7/10/1856 Cancer Libra
The Great, Akbar 10/15/1542 Scorpio Capricorn
The Great, Alexander 7/20/356 Cancer Gemini
The Great, Constantine 2/27/272 Pisces Cancer
The Great, Peter 5/30/1672 Gemini Cancer
Tse Tung, Mao 12/26/1893 Capricorn Leo
Vanderbilt, Cornelius 5/27/1794 Gemini Taurus
Vivaldi, Antonio 3/4/1678 Pisces Leo
Wagner, Richard 5/22/1813 Gemini Aquarius
Washington, George 2/22/1732 Pisces Capricorn
Watt, James 1/19/1736 Capricorn Aries
Westinghouse, George 10/6/1846 Libra Taurus
Wilson, Woodrow 12/28/1856 Capricorn Capricorn
Wright, Orville 8/19/1871 Leo Libra
Wright, Wilbur 4/16/1867 Aries Libra
X, Malcolm 5/19/1925 Taurus Aries
Zwingli, Huldrych 1/1/1484 Capricorn Aquarius

Subsequently, I proceeded to count how many men of each Sun sign (Graph 1) and Moon sign (Graph 2) there were.  The results are quite interesting and shown in the two pie graphs below:

Sun Signs Most Influential Men History2

Graph 1 (click on graph to enlarge)

Moon Signs Most Inlfuential Men History2

Graph 2 (click on graph to enlarge)

 It is noted that 16% of the men on the list were Taurus, 14% Pisces, and 12% Capricorn with regards to their Sun sign. As to the Moon sign, 12% were either Sagittarius or Capricorn, and 11% were either Taurus or Aries.

To avoid having people take this study to be superficial in nature, I also proceeded to calculate the averages and standard deviations of these results. For the Sun signs, the average is 8% with a standard deviation of 4%. Regarding the Moon signs, the average is 8% with 3% standard deviation.

What does this statistical information mean exactly?  This means that the results for the Sun signs that are 12% (or above) or 4% (or below) are “statistically significant”, and for the Moon sign 11% (or above) or 5% (or below).

Therefore, based on the statistical study presented above, it can be said that Men born under the Sun signs of Taurus, Pisces or Capricorn or Moon signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, or Aries have a statistically greater chance of being the “shakers, movers, and makers” of the world. Contrarily, men born under the Sun signs of Virgo and Aries, or Moon signs of Libra and Scorpio have a statistically smaller chance of changing world history.

Perhaps it bears a brief discussion as well as to what makes these Sun signs “tick”.  Taurus men are known for their determination and persistence, Pisces are said to be spiritual and creative, and Capricorns are thought to be hard-working and patient in their climb to the top.

As for Moon signs, Sagittarius are free-spirited and competitive, Capricorns are productive and relatively unemotional, Taurus are strong-willed and analytical, and Aries are impulsive and energetic.

In conclusion, based on the study presented above, the odds of being “influential” or “making a difference” in the world, do have a statistically significant link to Sun and Moon signs.


– WoundedLeo

 Coming soon, a study on the most influential women in history