Assyrian also known as Neo-Aramaic is an ancient Semitic language spoken by roughly 3 million people in the world, some scattered throughout the Middle East (namely in Iran and Iraq), but most in diaspora the world over. The Aramaic language was that spoken in Biblical times and is known to be the language in which Jesus preached. The Assyrians share a common tragic history history of persecution along with the Armenians and the Pontic Greeks. Assyrian music ranges from religious, to melodic, to foot-stomping dance music.

Mekena by Wally Ismar

The Lord’s Prayer in its original language

Malikta Shamiran by Linda George

Bratit Yamate by George Chaharbakhshi

Mar Benyamin by Linda George

Siskany by Janan Sawa and Juliana Jendo

Solte by Sargon Gabriel

Gabare by Juliana Jendo