Hello Darkness my old friend

You are always there for me

Wherever I may go

Or you wait for me

Like a faithful loving friend


In the daylight hours

You are within me

Sharing everything I do and say

In the night you envelope me

Like a blackened shroud


You provide me with

Strange comfort

For you have been with me

Since I came into this

Besotted world


Others call this world wondrous

Yet we know how monstrous it is

We smile for the realm and

Laugh at the jokes of the

Jester to show good face


When I am lonely at parties

Full of pretty petty people

You are there to provide me

With ugly profound company

The kind I truly crave


When others on this fettered earth

Fear the calling of final darkness

I embrace it with full heart

For in that moment

I shall be one with you my friend.


– WoundedLeo


Old Friend Darkness