Often times, I feel so much frustration within me that I cannot bear to write. Words get caught in my throat or in my fingers as I type. I feel so much anger within me that I cannot bear to speak for if I do I might say something I’ll regret forever more. So I keep it all to myself. I keep my mouth shut because it’s probably better that way.

Often times, I feel that I’ve had enough of this life, that I can’t wait ‘til it’s over. Sometimes I look to the sky begging the man upstairs to take me before my time. I beg him to take me in my sleep when all is peaceful and quiet so at least my parting from this world can be more peaceful than how I’ve lived it so far.

I don’t really get why people love it here on this earth so much. They say stuff like “Life is great” and “Life is grand”. I think to myself that they must really be simplistic because there’s nothing great or grand in pain and suffering, in war and prostitution, in illness and starvation. This life is nothing more than a true bitch.

But God forbid that I should ever open my mouth to voice such utter heresy for one would say that I’m too negative. It’s not right to see this world with gray tinted glasses that are pessimistic, unappreciative and vile, but whatever… They make me laugh with their pink colored glasses because I call it as I see it.
– WoundedLeo