“I’ll always be here for you,”

That’s what you said.

So where are you now,

When I’m alone in my head?


You said I’m a beauty.

Then please tell me why?

I feel deep inside me,

Old, ugly, and wry.


You said you respected me.

But if this were true,

Then wouldn’t you be here

When my thoughts were blue?


You said I was your angel

And made me feel bright.

Yet now all I feel is

Alone in the night.


You said I was your oasis

In a desert so dry.

Now all I have are my

Eyes with which to cry.


You said you admired me,

I believed you sincere.

Never did I imagine,

You’d be gone over a tear.


You said I could tell you

All without blame.

But when I think back,

I’m filled with shame.


You said that you loved me

A multitude of times,

But lies should be punished

Among the gravest of crimes.


The warmth in your eyes,

My soul did entice

Never thinking you’d

Turn to Caprian Ice.


– WoundedLeo