Daughter of Semiramis

Hold your back up straight

Let not the woes of the world

Break down your will with hate


Like the Tigris and Euphrates

Did flow for thousands of years

Tho’ the blood of many of your people

Did flow like endless tears


Daughter of Semiramis

Hold your shoulders even

When strain would wear you down

Recall the gods your forebears believed in


Like the Winged Bull had power

And strength beyond compare

Fight the battles of this earth

As no one else would dare


Daughter of Semiramis

Hold your body with grace

Let no ill cause you pain

Let no one break your pace


As your forefathers did fight

With courage and with vigor

You must show your power

Through education and through rigor


Daughter of Semiramis

Hold your head up high

Let no force hold you back

For you are your own ally


Like your beauteous namesake Queen

Be all that you can be

Show the glory of your past and future

And have faith in God almighty


– WoundedLeo



This is a published work.