Punish me for my mistakes
It’s all that I deserve
Make me feel the pain
Give it to me with no reserve
Pull out the whip and lash
And lacerate my skin
Cut me to the quick
Loving you was my deadly sin


Open up my chest
Remove my beating heart
Hold it up to the sky
To the Aztec gods impart
Like a ritual sacrifice
Pour out my toil and blood
Drink it with your sacred lips
A crimson colored flood


Don’t hold back the anger
Let me feel your wrath
It’s a pain I welcome
Here’s my skull for you to smash
Break my body and my bones
Rip me up to shreds
Pull out all my hair
Thousands of brown threads


Give me all your ire
That’s pent up inside
Grant it in full measure
I’ll take it all with pride
I have never feared
That which I have earned
Put me at the stake
I’d have my flesh be burned


– WoundedLeo