What’s the point of moving forward when

Something inside you keeps dragging you back?

You think you’re making progress

But in fact you haven’t budged an inch.

You’re worse than a snail that moves ever slowly,

You’re more like a slug.


There was a time when you were carefree like a butterfly

Fluttering its wings, flying to and fro

Its beautiful colors alluring and attracting

There was a time when you felt lucky like a lady bug

Proudly red with a polka dot bikini sun bathing

In the garden of youth.


Those days are gone and winter is coming

Every day for the rest of your life

You wish you could go back into the cocoon

A place of warmth and protection where

You were still nothingness but life was

Yet ahead like a pomegranate full of juicy seeds.


When all is done, you see yourself not much

Different from the forgotten raisins dried on the branch

Or the withered prune ready to fall from the tree

To meet its end either scattered

On the ground… or far below it.


– WoundedLeo