Here are some of my favorite Armenian language music videos. It is one of the oldest languages in the world, and lies in the Indo-European family of languages. It is the language of the country of Armenia and is also spoken by Armenians in diaspora. The Armenian people share a tragic history of persecution along with the Assyrians and the Pontic Greeks. Their traditional music has its roots in church hymns and is based, not on standard European musical scales, but on that of tetrachords.

Feel free to send me links of your favorite Armenian songs as well. They just might make their way onto my list.

Mi Gna by Super Sako

PreGomesh by Sirusho

Hayastan by Anaisa

Title (?) by Sofi Mkheyan

Siro Amar by Sidni

Erb Indz Het Es by Christine Pepelyan & Arman Hovhannisyan

Jana Jana by Arman Tovmasyan feat. Ksenona

Nune by Nune Yesayan

Tiramor Govq by Anna Khachatryan