Oh Harlequin! Oh Harlequin!

Though some did call you fool

Seeing only your agile artistry

They knew not your heart a jewel


For you so loved sweet Colombine

Fell behind your mask a tear

No one knew the court jester

Did live his life in fear


Your diamond chequered leotard

Yellow, green, blue and red

Gave everyone great joy

When inside your heart felt dread


You knew your love could never be

All of which you dreamed

For fate would have you forever remain

A simpleton unredeemed


How unkind the world is

Blind to your juggler’s desire

For it is only what all men hope

A beauteous woman to acquire


Late at night you wrote to her

Poetry her father blighted

That lovely Colombine would never see

Leaving your love eternally unrequited


– WoundedLeo