Enter in the Labyrinth

Which path should you take?

All roads lead to Rome

The choice is easy to make


Along one path there are roses

On another is a bed of thorns

On one path is the Minotaur

On another a lover forlorn


One road may be jagged

The other one is straight

One road curves and weaves

The other does not abate


A labyrinth in the garden

A maze upon a hill

A winding road within your mind

A cross-road of free will


The high road is above you

The low road brings you down

Take the road less traveled

There you’ll find your crown


The pain is in the heartbreak

That wallows on this earth

So if you travel up the road

There you’ll know your worth


This world is so empty

Filled with hate and strife

It’s just too hard not to

Get lost in the Labyrinth of Life


– WoundedLeo