I’m in the mood to philosophize so I hope you won’t mind if I use you as my sounding board. My current rambling will focus around a discussion that I had recently with a friend of mine regarding the “twin flame” concept. Apparently, this friend takes issue with the fact that I refer to someone as my “twin flame”, claiming that a twin flame would never cause me so much heart ache or grief. I couldn’t help but laugh because decidedly this friend doesn’t know or understand the difference between a “soul mate” and a “twin flame”. So here in, I’d like to set the record straight.

However, before I do, I’d like to begin with a brief disclaimer. I’m not really a “New Age” person at heart. I don’t go running around subscribing to every new-fangled esoteric theory I come across. Fundamentally, the only “spiritual” thing I really believe in is that which we call GOD a.k.a a higher power. I follow the faith in which I grew up quite simply because I like it. It fits me and it’s who I am, and I wouldn’t change it “for all the tea in China”.


That being said, I don’t have anything against learning about and considering new ideas concepts, and theories. I wouldn’t be much of a scientist if I was closed off, would I? I came across the idea of “twin flames” at one point and started reading more about what a “twin flame” is and how it differs from a “soul mate”. In a nutshell, the “theory” claims that a human can have many soul mates. Soul mates can be male or female. They are people with whom we bond on a fundamental level and for the most part gain POSITIVE and HAPPY experiences from in this life time. In a nutshell, my husband would presumably be considered one of my soul mates and certainly is the one with whom I chose to share my life. He and I “get” each other. I don’t have to explain things to him and vice versa. We’re “on the same wavelength”. Presumably, all of my really close friends with whom I share all of life’s ups and downs, those who truly understand and share back with me, fall under the category of soul mates.

Now a twin flame is a whole different ball game. From what I’ve read, a twin flame can be male or female, it can be someone who you’ve met in this life, or have not come across in this lifetime. The person can be older, younger, or the same age, because age has nothing to do with the twin flame connection. It is someone with whom you feel a strong, sudden bond that is unbreakable. The attraction is fierce and so the need to flee for one of the two “partners” is strong, “usually the less spiritually evolved of the two”.

The twin flame relationship is not filled with roses and strawberries, but rather with thorns and acid. It’s not a “love connection” even though the two people feel unconditional love for one another. They will hurt each other, push, pull, test each other’s patience and will, search out boundaries and try to break them. Yet all these things happen without ever trying, for it is the nature of the beast. You can run from a twin flame, but you can never hide. For this person will always be there in your heart and mind, even if you choose to “break the bond”, the bond can never be broken because it is an “other worldly connection”.


The twin flame will resemble you physically. They can be related to you, or not. They are your mirror image. They have the same deep rooted insecurities as you do, and the same flaws. They are the Ying to your Yang and vice versa. You are the same, and yet opposite in many ways. Where you are weak, they are strong.  Where you are strong, they are weak.  Nevertheless, on some fundamental level you know and respect one another because you recognize the “inner self” that is reflected within the other.

This person is not made to teach you about the love of the “other”. He/She is made to teach you the meaning of life, to help you find self-love and self-fulfillment, to lead you to a place of spiritual healing through a series of trials and tribulations. IFF (that’s math talk for “If and only if”), the two people are able to merge within this lifetime, then their bond will be eternal and if not, then they will be recast upon the earth through reincarnation to try over again to find all these existential things that we look for as human beings.

Now, do I really believe in all this? Not really, but maybe a little. Could it be true? Sure why not! Anything can be true. Just because something hasn’t been scientifically proven yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that it’s not true. So here’s what I do believe:

We’re all here on this earth for a purpose. Our purpose is individual, yet fundamental. We are here to help each other, as well as ourselves. We’re here to grow, to experience, and ultimately to gain spiritual advancement.

I believe in other dimensions of existence, and that when we die, our body dies, but that our spirit goes somewhere else. Perhaps our spirits go to this entity that we think of as heaven, nirvana, or whatever-you-wish-to-call-it. It is also quite possible, that if you have not sufficiently satisfied your purpose on this earth that God, Shiva, or whoever is the supreme power in the universe will send you back to this hell-hole for “another go around”. Maybe earth is hell, maybe it is purgatory, but whatever it is, it ain’t always pretty.

So here I will stop my rambling. I thank you for listening/reading. I wouldn’t have written all this to you if I didn’t think you’d find it interesting and time-worthy. Because ultimately I believe dear reader that you are one of the more spiritually advanced of our species.


– WoundedLeo