When all the others have come and gone
When the sun has set and you await the dawn
As flowers fade and winter comes
As love does leave and the heart succumbs
When fair-weather friends have said good-bye
When All have left you high and dry
As false love does your heart betray
As all your entourage as actors play


When the heart does bleed and tears do fall
When those you loved have taken all
As material possessions lose their charm
As a beauteous woman does a man disarm
When roses are red and your heart is blue
When loss and pain do you imbue
As cold winds fill your dejected heart
As agony and solitude tear you apart


When darkness comes and fills the sky
When loneliness invades and makes you cry
As those you trusted have gone away
As all your friends did go astray
When you approach your mortal end
When no one is left to call you friend
As superficial beauty does with time fade
As no more allies come to your aid


When all these things have come to pass
And masked women emasculate with Venetian glass
There is one soul who will be there
Who with a full heart will give you care
It is I who will be there make no mistake
Though often times my heart you break
Just look to me and you will see
That I do love you unconditionally


– WoundedLeo