I will never forget you,

I will never forgive you,

I wish I never met you.

You changed my life,

You broke my heart,

You burned my soul.

My world is shattered,

My mind is battered,

Nothing can be as before.


Why have the fates been so unkind?

What did I do to merit this pain?

What evil malice did I perform in a

Bygone life that deserves such

Form of punishment?

Which brings to mind…

Did I know you before,

To love you this much?

And if not, what manner of

Sorcery did you play upon me to

Make me have eyes only for you?


I have tried with all my might to

Forget you, to dislodge those

Warm dark eyes, those wavy

Brown locks from the

Recesses of my memory.

I have prayed to the gods of

Old and new to bring you back,

To take you away, but

Most of all, to give me strength.


Alas! There is no peace to be had

In this life for a heart so broken.

Though time has passed, the wounds

Continue to open and bleed, and so

They will do for all time.

The only peace to be found is in the

Sleep of death that will bring with it

Sweet dreams of Vale Rumania.

– WoundedLeo